Mark Bracco’s Rockin’ Return

Mark Bracco’s Rockin’ Return

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Mark Bracco ’92, EVP at dick clark productions, visits the Herbert School to offer students industry insight and personal advice

Everyone starts somewhere. Take Mark Bracco ’92, for example. Today, he spends his time overseeing large-scale live TV productions viewed by millions across the globe as dick clark productions’ Executive Vice President of Programming and Development.

Programs such as the Golden Globes, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and the American Music Awards, to name just a few.

But in 1992, he was just another graduate of Hofstra’s School of Communication looking for a start and determined to work from the bottom to find his way to the top.

It’s that foot-in-the-door mentality that led him to success, a true grit he relayed to Herbert School students during his Feb. 1 visit.

“First off, internships are key,” Bracco said among a room full of students in Studio A. “Getting those internships, building that resume, having those recommendations when you get out — be willing to do whatever it takes making very little money to start out, because where everybody starts out. That’s how I started out. So I think it really is about doing those internships, building that resume and the relationships that you take with you from those internships. That’s what’s going to lead you to the first job.”

Bracco began his career in 1993 at TV Guide magazine. In September 1996, he accepted a position as a segment producer on the launch team for the entertainment newsmagazine “Access Hollywood.” In December 2001, he moved over to ABC News’ “Good Morning America” as entertainment producer, where he was responsible for overseeing all entertainment-related segments and events on the morning program.

Along the way, Bracco made sure to network and preserve relationships, despite changing scenery. It’s the road to success that took him to the west coast from New York City.  But it’s a path he’d take again, given the opportunity.

“It was a really good experience to see somebody that works in the field out on the west coast with a major company,” said Sam Bussell ’19, a video/television and film major. “Someone who does major television shows, live television shows, that are watched by millions of people. It was an innovative experience, it was life-learning, it was awesome.”

Bracco’s relationship with Hofstra and the Herbert School has grown after his involvement in the Hofstra in L.A. program. The 10-day trip for 17 select Herbert students exposes them to internship and career opportunities in the heart of the West Coast’s entertainment industry during a series of exclusive meetings, events and behind-the-scenes experiences. From Zack Sang’s podcast studio to the set of Ellen and Friends, and of course, a visit to Mark Bracco’s office.

“I was on the Hofstra in LA program, so I met with (Bracco) when we were out there,” said Maria Santana ’18, a video/television major. “It was really cool to meet with him individually and then to also seem him back here. I think we have a lot to learn from him!”

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