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The Kimberly Chin Report

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For the past 128 years, The Wall Street Journal has printed daily content. With the largest circulation across the U.S. and 40 Pulitzer Prizes, the paper is an obvious destination for journalists looking to succeed in the industry.

On June 25, Kimberly Chin ’10 started her first day on The Wall Street Journal’s real-time news desk.

Chin previously was an intern at Business Insider, writing markets and economics stories for Markets Insider, a sister publication of Business Insider.

She also interned for Reuters writing about the U.S. stock market and economic indicators.

“Since high school, I knew I wanted to be a journalist,” Chin, who chose The Herbert School to earn her B.A. in Journalism, said. “I was looking for a school that was in good proximity to the No. 1 media market in the world, New York City, while also allowing me to experience a full campus life apart from the city.”

Chronicling her growth

Chin credits the faculty at The Herbert School for pushing and supporting her during her undergraduate education. She singled out associate professors Carol Fletcher and Daniel van Benthuysen — “Who I was fortunate enough to receive guidance from during a class that produced Hofstra’s Pulse magazine.”

“I contributed to most of the media on campus: The Hofstra Chronicle, WRHU and Pulse magazine,” Chin said. “I made sure to get my feet soaked before I jumped into the real world through internships, all while juggling a full course load and other extracurricular activities on campus.”

From relationships and networking opportunities provided by The Herbert School, Chin received her self-described big break.

“A classmate helped me get my first internship, and a Hofstra alum tipped me about ​​my next​ internship at a financial trade publication,” Chin said. “Little did I know that this would catapult me into the world of financial journalism and my current role.”

For those up-and-coming undergrad students who will break news at The Chronicle and do their share of late nights at the LHSC’s NewsHub, Chin offers this advice:

“Do all that you can in campus media. Build your clips and get those soundbites. Also, you should use your proximity to the city to your advantage. Try to get as many internships as you can. How do you get those internships? Connect with people, know the publications you want to work for, and be active on Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you get those internships, you’ll realize that all the practical experience will help you in the long run.”

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