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Community of Collaborators

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LHSC film professor George Nicholas serves as cinematographer and producer (and is one of many Hofstra collaborators) on the new movie 7 Splinters in Time.

Collaboration is made possible through knowledge, energy and experience. To know George Nicholas is to understand collaboration.

The LHSC film professor’s CV features dozens of joint projects, from his time serving as director of photography on feature films and music videos in the mid-90s to his most recent effort as cinematographer and producer of 7 Splinters in Time.

The film, a sci-fi murder mystery, features well-known actors Edoardo Ballerini (The Sopranos), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Entourage) and Austin Pendleton (Amistad), and is written and directed by Gabriel Judet-Weinshel — a former student of Nicholas’ from his time instructing at Sarah Lawrence College.

But one of the most crucial collaborators on the film was Hofstra University itself.

“We literally couldn’t have made this film without the school,” Judet-Weinshel said.

Nicholas explained that the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication’s Studio A served as the set for several scenes in the film, while many Hofstra alumni assisted with the production.

“Our crew contained a lot of Hofstra alumni. My first AC (assistant camera) Doug Durant was actually a former student of my cinematography class,” Nicholas said. “The film itself was a total labor of love.”

7 Splinters marks the third venture for Nicholas and Judet-Weinshel. The film premiered at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose during early March, and was distributed by Gravitas Ventures. It will have theatrical premiere in Los Angeles on July 13, with press screenings in New York and LA on July 9 and 11 respectively, and will be available on Video on Demand.

“I’m very grateful to Hofstra and its students,” Judet-Weinshel said. “I often run across Hofstra students working professionally. I know they’re always well trained and experienced, and I’m always happy to have them on set with me.

“People always talk about USC or NYU for their film programs, but Hofstra is incredible. It’s right up there with these top schools.”

7 Splinters in Time is available to pre-order on iTunes starting Friday, June 15.

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