Feel the Glow

Feel the Glow

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Lauren Campbell ’15 discovers the inviting glow of the LHSC, sees the lights of LA and shines at Sundays With Alec Baldwin

There’s intentional charm in a university. The layout of a quaint campus requires much thought and planning — the balance of essential lecture halls with open air quads, the all-important ratio of dormitories to dining options. When done right, there’s a distinct quality achieved. A certain glow.

It’s that glow that first caught the eye of Lauren Campbell ’15 on her initial visit to the Lawrence Herbert School.

“During a campus tour, we walked down a hallway past the glow of a control room and into Studio A,” Campbell said. “I remember being in awe of the studio floor, the lights, the cameras … everything. Until that point, I hadn’t seen a school facility that compared to Studio A. It was the proof I needed to know I wouldn’t get that type of hands-on education anywhere else.”

Lauren Campbell operating a videocamera

Like many LHSC students, Campbell honed her passion in Studio A

Now a 25-year old B.S. in Video/Television graduate, Campbell gravitated toward production work as an early undergraduate — picking up essential experience in the WRHU 88.7 FM radio space, the Newshub and control rooms. Further internships at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the Late Show with David Letterman exposed Campbell to her dream job: working behind the scenes on a television talk show.

During her last semester before graduating in January 2015, a career opportunity presented itself thanks to a journey 3,000 miles away.

“My senior year, I was chosen to participate in the inaugural Hofstra in LA trip,” Campbell, the Wayne, N.J. native said. “It was incredible to be exposed to our alumni network on the other side of the country. Our group was very lucky to get the VIP experience at Jimmy Kimmel Live. I made sure to introduce myself to Jason Schrift, Kimmel’s co-executive producer and a Hofstra alum.”

Schrift and Campbell stayed in touch after the trip. And when a new project taping in New York required a new associate producer, Schrift knew just who to call. The project would become Sundays with Alec Baldwin, a program whose pilot episode debuted after the 90th Academy Awards.

“It’s my job to be the middle person between the producers and the control room to communicate any segment needs or last minute changes before the show begins,” Campbell explained. “I also participate in production meetings with the show’s staff, and standby on the studio floor during tapings alongside producers to ensure the segments are going as planned.”

Campbell serves as the associate producer of “Sundays With Alec Baldwin”

From an entrancing glow of the LHSC control room, Campbell has arrived. She credits establishing relationships with the LHSC’s professors and having their support as being extremely helpful in navigating the post-grad life.

“The people who once advised me on which classes to take are now the same people I go to for career advice,” Campbell said. “They’ve have become my mentors and their honest advice is invaluable.”

And for those seeking the warm control rooms of LHSC, Campbell offers this advice:

“Be indispensable, if you don’t know the answer to something, respond by saying you will figure it out – it shows people you’re capable of getting the job done. Stay proactive and open-minded to all opportunities.”