Hofstra in Cuba

Hofstra in Cuba

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The Hofstra in Cuba study abroad program offers an academically rich experience that is sure to result in new understandings and enduring insights … as well as cherished memories! Two Hofstra faculty members — an international communications specialist, researcher and journalist and a health care educator and program consultant – have teamed up to offer an integrated experiential learning experience that will provide interactive learning opportunities, as well as a distinctive introduction and analysis of Cuba’s complex past, its changing present, and its promising future.

This program will encompass two primary areas of study and will offer students a unique perspective on the culture, the politics and the people of Cuba, with the opportunity for service-oriented activities and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Based in Havana, students will settle in to a work/study routine that will allow them to briefly become part of the community in which they will reside.

A variety of cultural and educational activities will be included such as:
Tour through the Old Havana
Guided visit to the Museum of the Revolution
Exposure to the syncretic Afro-Cuban religion of Santería
Visit to the international film school founded by Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Visits to Radio Havana and other major media installations
Visits to health care facilities, long term and day care programs with the opportunity to engage with older adults and assist caregivers
Opportunities to interview and document the lives of Cuban people through various media Weekend excursions where students can explore the island on their own.

For additional information, contact: Mario.A.Murillo@hofstra.edu