Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

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The New Frontier of Modern Medicine

By Kyle Gelling

Medical marijuana’s national profile has increased over the past decade. Political and cultural acknowledgments have furthered the drug’s acceptance, but even with its rise in prominence, there is still more to be learned about this emerging medical treatment.

Ever since California first voted to allow the use of medical marijuana in 1996, the District of Columbia and 27 other states have followed suit. The conditions covered and use of specific medications varies based on location, but overall the drugs have been shown to significantly improve patients’ conditions.

Licensed dispensaries are responsible for the growing, cultivating and disbursement of the drugs. They are held to strict regulatory and security protocols, such as where the drugs can be stored, who can enter the facilities and how the drugs can be delivered.

This excerpt is from Kyle Gelling’s capstone project for the MA in Journalism program. To access Kyle’s full capstone project please click here.