Already Label’d A Hit

Already Label’d A Hit

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New music competition show launches local artists and LHSC’s student talent

Never mind the March 11 return of American Idol after a two-year hiatus. March 12 marks an even bigger television debut: the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication’s new legacy music competition show, Label’d.

The capstone project of RTVF 165 senior student Kristen Krupski, Label’d hits Hofstra airwaves live at 8:30 p.m. on the 12th.

Krupski, a Video/TV and Business major, says that creating a joint project between students majoring in television production and local musicians was a no-brainer. Hofstra University already boasts its own student-run record label, Unispan Records, which signs new artists every year. This year, instead of selecting a new artist behind closed doors, Label’d will broadcast a competition showcasing three unsigned artists (KarmaRe, Dudley Music and Brady O’Keefe), with the winner being offered a one-year contract with Unispan.

“Putting this show together was actually very simple because (Unispan Records) was wanting to put something like this together already,” said Video/Television major Kaylee Maurer, who serves as executive producer of Label’d and VP of A&R at Unispan. “Our hope is to build Label’d as a legacy show, as the platform to announce Unispan’s new signed artist each year.”

It’s progressive marketing, programming and industry thinking not typically seen on the collegiate level. But for Hofstra, it’s par for the course. In 2017, Billboard magazine named the University and its music business program one of the 15 best music business schools, for the second consecutive year, mentioning the student-led record company as a big factor.

Launched in December 2016 as Mane Records, the now-Unispan Record label is run entirely by students under the mentorship of industry heavy hitters and funded by donors. Students involved in Unispan are involved in all areas of the recording industry, including identifying unsigned talent. Now Label’d will bring the audition process to the entire University.

“Being involved with Label’d adds a whole other level to our artist selection process that we didn’t have before,” said Maurer. “It gives us as a record company the opportunity to really work with the artists and get to know them.”

Label’d’s live episode will feature two performances from each of the three competing artists. Final votes will be determined by the Unispan Records team, and a winner will be announced at the conclusion of the program.

Label’d is the product of Executive Producer Kaylee Maurer, Associate Producer Kristen Krupski, Producer Lily Straight-Rattet, Production Manager Matt Canigiani, Head Director Zach Zweibel and directors Nicole Buckley and Evan Paradiso.

Label’d airs live at 8:30 p.m. on March 12! Watch it via the Label’d Facebook page.