Re-Imagining Journalism

Re-Imagining Journalism

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Two Herbert School Alumni Head to Salzburg to Participate in Global Conference

On July 10, Jamie Cohen ’04, M.A. ’10, trekked to NYC to attend a Hofstra Alumni Networking event.

Sharing laughs and reuniting with Herbert School graduates from the past decade and beyond is a welcomed treat for Cohen, who works as Molloy College’s New Media program director and professor.

Cohen’s next Hofstra reunion would occur 4,100 miles away, in Salzburg, Austria.

Since 2007, the Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change has worked to build digital forums around critical challenges for society. This July, the academy hosts its annual three-week program to connect innovators and influencers across disciplines.

Around the theme of “Re-Imagining Journalism: News and Storytelling in an Age of Distrust,” the event has brought more than 75 participants from 30 countries to convene in Salzburg. Two of those 75 are major influences in the world of digital media — who just happen to be Hofstra graduates.

Ryan Broderick during a Salon

photos courtesy of Salzburg Global Seminar

Cohen is joined by Ryan Broderick ’11, deputy global news director of BuzzFeed, who served as a guest scholar for the event, and delivered his perspective on the decline of trust in media organizations.

When the academy concludes in early August, Cohen and Broderick will be among the more than 36,000 Fellows who have come together at the Salzburg Global Seminar Program since 1947.

Their work together will help a growing movement to dispel fake news and bolster the irreplaceable role of journalism, storytelling and media on society.

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