The Power of Possibility

The Power of Possibility

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Evolve or perish. That’s the mentality of the modern workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker currently holds 10 different jobs before age 40, and this number is projected to grow. That’s a far cry from the one-company loyalty of the baby boomer era. Reinvention is key, especially when seeking to grow professionally.

On March 14, the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication and Hofstra Career Center presented the 2018 Career Snapshot event, The Power of Possibility.

With a focus on growth and reinvention, The Power of Possibility played host to seven Hofstra University alumni from a variety of careers. Each industry professional spoke to students gathered in Studio A about their careers, and discussed how being open to new opportunities and adapting to change allowed them to achieve their professional goals.

Panelists included Jon Bewley ’15, a freelance photographer, videographer, producer and filmmaker; Sesame Workshop producer Kristin Cosover-Kanzer ’90; Brian Ives ’92, Editor-in-Chief of Loudwire; Steven Moskovic ’84, owner of Big Foot Media and award-winning filmmaker; LHSC Alumni Association President Hillary Needle ’89, also president of Hillary Needle Events; on-air personality for Connoisseur Media Kara Seifert ’99; and Lance Ulanoff ’86, a tech journalist, influencer, on-air expert and consultant.

“Embrace change. Chase it,” Ulanoff said when asked what advice he would give current LHSC students. “Get ahead of it. Love it. Use it. Employ it to tell your stories. And always try and stay one step ahead of the game.”

For over an hour, LHSC students listened to career advice and tips, and had their questions answered. Once the event concluded, alumni panelists met individually with students to share additional advice and offer insight into gaining internships and other networking opportunities.

“Take advantage of everything,” Cosover-Kanzer answered. “There are way more opportunities for students to do things outside of this building and I think take advantage of all of that too. Because what you learn here is great, but what you learn out there is great too.”

“Don’t be satisfied with just having one job,” Ives said. “You should always have more than one stream of income. Even if it’s like you have one permanent job, do freelance writing on the side, do freelance voiceovers on the side. That way, if something happens to your company that’s beyond your control, you still have other ways of making money.”

Career Snapshot 2018

Top 9 Tips to LHSC’s Job-Seeking Students From Alumni Panelists:

  1. Freelance: Builds your resume, expertise and provides networking opportunities.
  2. Do pro bono /volunteer work: Provides many of the same benefits as freelancing
    especially when related to your career.
  3. Stay up on current events: Become knowledgeable about topics of public interest – ex.
    Bitcoin/cyber currencies. This makes you more interesting, a better conversationalist and an expert in a specific field which could yield opportunities.
  4. Understand analytics: Google analytics, SEO (search engine optimization). You will be needed
    if you understand this. Apply SEO to your LinkedIn profile.
  5. Stay current on tech: Teach yourself about the latest apps and tech available, this will make
    you valuable to have around.
  6. Have a business card: Give your card to people you meet in casual and formal networking situations.
  7. Take classes outside your major:
    1. Business classes – you need to know how to market yourself, negotiate, run yourself like
      a business, make a budget, use Excel, QuickBooks (transferrable skills).
    2.  Liberal Arts classes – makes you more well rounded, improves critical thinking and
      writing skills.
    3.  Learn a foreign language – makes you marketable, unique, opens doors.
  8. Stay connected to your classmates and professors: Down the road your Hofstra peers
    will be great networking connections and potential sources of information and jobs.
  9. Say you can: And then learn how to do it – within reason!